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The Observation Deck ReWatch Project - Discussion & Sign Up Thread.

My fellow Deckers, I have an idea. A grand idea, that i admit i stole from the Reddit community /r/anime who probably stole it from somewhere else. I propose that, in the name of good discussions and growing our readership, we begin doing rewatch threads.

One of the things I love about this community are the live reaction/post show recap megathreads. I love working on them and I love reading them. When nerds get together and nerd out it is a beautiful thing. I also love seeing the community grow with content and right now, it feels like things have slowed down a bit. So i came up with an idea. We begin doing re watches of sci-fi and fantasy shows like how /r/anime does for anime.


The way it would work is that you would sign up for either an entire smaller show or a season of a bigger show. If you wish to claim, say, all seven seasons of Star Trek TNG then I don’t see an issue if you feel you want to commit to that much. The idea is that a person could do one season then if they found it wasn’t fun someone else could do another season. Conversely there are plenty of shorter run shows like Firefly and Space Above And Beyond that one could pick.

The idea is to pick a show you love, that you want to do a re-watch of and discuss with others. The show has to be in the science fiction/fantasy./horros genre. There might be exceptions but they will be on a case to case basis. Basically, make sure its on message with what the O-Deck discusses. You would put up a post to discuss the current episode. However much detail you wanted to include is up to you. You can also decide how often you post. On the reddit sub they do once a day posts, but they have a lot more people posting there and more mods. So far the standard has been one episode a week but if you want to do more or less that is up to you.

I’ve seen on /r/anime usually at the least links to the My Anime List entry for the show, and where you can find it streaming. In our case we don’t have MAL but most shows have some kind of fan wikia with an episode entry that can be linked to. It is totally up to you.


I have linked to a spreadsheet where you can sign up for a show or season. Please put your kinja name, and the show or season you want to claim. If you want to leave an email or other contact method so I can reach you outside the blog to remind you when you’re coming up in the schedule or so you can let me know you won’t be able to continue that’s fine but it’s not required. Please let me know if the spreadsheet lets you made edits, I set to where anyone should be able to edit it.


EDIT: I want to clarify something I may not have been clear about. The spreadsheet is only needed if you are going to volunteer to post about a show. If you just wish to comment on the posts as they are being discussed there is no need to sign up. You can view the sheet to see who has claimed what shows to do but you don’t need to put your name there unless you wish to run a rewatch yourself. There was some confusion on this so I am clarifying the matter. Thank you.

If you want more info on how to do a rewatch, here is a guide from /r/anime. Stuff like formatting is different on Reddit than Kinja but a lot of the principles would still apply. Of course this doesn’t work if there isn’t buy in from the community. So now that i’ve said my pitch, I want to throw it to the floor. Does this sound like a fun idea that the O-Deck community would like to take part in? If it turns out there is no interest that is fine, I promise I won’t be offended. I think you guys know me well enough to know I don’t get upset like that. That said, I want this to be a group effort and if there is no interest then there’s no interest. So if you are interested let me know in the comments and feel free to sign up. Thanks guys!

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