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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Well, it’s August tomorrow so here we are, time for the launch of the first annual* Odeck Game Jam! Just follow me over the jump for prompts, rules (or a lack there of) tips, suggestions, and to sign up…


This years prompt is…


Interpret that however you wish (or not at all! It’s just there to help). Is your game set in a dream? Does it use images and ideas from dreams you’ve had? Think it over and see where it takes you!


Find that a bit vague or just need a bit more guidance for structure and ideas? Here are some related sub-prompts to get you going, help you focus, or provide a little extra challenge...

Follow the White Rabbit

Stuck for inspiration? Borrow places, characters and tropes from the Alice In Wonderland books.



Making a digital or text based game? Incorporate a physical object, any you like: Dice? A spinning top? A paper fortune teller?


She’s filled with secrets

Include something in reverse esrever ni gnihtemos edulcnI

Dilly Dali-ing

Would you rather work from a visual prompt? The header image is a 1937 Dali painting titled “Ship With Butterfly Wings”.


Rules and Regulations.

Make a game! You can use any medium you like for this, digital or physical, from a choose-your-own adventure to a platformer to a boardgame, if you’re concerned that you have an idea but are worried it isn’t a game…just make it anyway! I’ve never attended a jam which has dictated to its participants what a game is and isn’t so I’m definitely not going to run one that way.


The time-scale to make your game is one whole month starting today. I’ll make a hand-in thread on the 1st of September so we can all do a show and tell session, but it’s not a contest, so don’t worry if your game isn’t quite finished, or even if you didn’t get far, it’s just a time to sit around share what we did. If you want to keep working on your game after the jam is over, you’re free to do that as well!


If you want to work with other people on your game you can, either in meatspace, from other parts of this fair internet, or you can get together with someone else from the Odeck or other Kinja blogs in the comments under this post.


I’m an Odeck author, so this is the Odeck Jam, but if you’re from any other part of Kinja you can still take part, and if you post on other blogs and want to promote this jam on them, you’re more than welcome to!


Text Game Engines:

Twine (a very accessible engine I previously wrote a short introduction to, good for absolute beginners), Texture Writer, Inklewriter


More Complex Game Engines:

GameMaker, Unity

Physical Game Engines:

Some Cardboard, A Cheap Pack of Standard Playing Cards, A Misshapen Bit Of Hardboard You Found By The Roadside, Literally Whatever You Like









...GO JAM!


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