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So I know everybody else already saw this months ago, but I just checked it out last night for the first time and had a couple of thoughts. Spoilers ahoy.

As far as the books went, I thought the first was unbelievably brilliant and restored some of my faith in humanity with its epic subversiveness. The second book was an order of magnitude less cool but still very compelling, but I thought the third book was far weaker then its predecessor, mostly contrived and often annoying.


Conversely, I found the first movie to be decent but nowhere near as good as the book. It didn't help that my favorite moment—Rue's district sending Katniss the loaf of bread—wasn't in the movie. I get how that would be a clunky thing to try and set up in a movie but its absence pissed me off. Other things, like Stanley Tucci and the Capital people's costumes, while just as described in the book, looked silly. Also, despite the fact that it was a YA book, I wanted that movie to be rated R as it didn't come close to capturing the grittiness and violence as I pictured it in the book. It was just kind of there without any of the emotional resonance I felt when reading the story.

Somehow, all the problems of the first movie seemed to have been fixed in the second. The pacing worked fine and built tension and anticipation. I was riveted the entire time. Snow and the bad guys were actually compellingly bad and I fucking hated them as I was supposed to. I felt more for Katniss and the action didn't seem watered down or ineffective. Even JL's performance seemed far superior. I really couldn't have asked for a more satisfying adaptation.

I now feel like there's an inverse book-to-movie coolness thing going on with this franchise: while the books got weaker the movies are getting stronger. I guess that bodes well for the third.

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