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Obvious Star Wars Spinoff Movie is Obvious

Will it be about Porkins' struggles with his weight during X-Wing flight training? Or Max Reebo dealing with the breakup of the band after the incident on Jabba's barge? Maybe the whirlwind romance between Owen and Beru? Or maybe a new, original, interesting character? Nope. Boba Fett! Let me give everyone a minute to pick their jaws up off the floor.


Inquisitr is reporting that not only is a Boba Fett movie confirmed, but it is already in pre-production which could just mean that J.J. Abrams and a bunch of writers were sitting around a table thinking about what characters to use for the movies. After twenty minutes of strained silence, J.J. slapped the table with both hands, looked up, and yelled out "BOBA FETT!" The other writers murmured and nodded their approval.

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