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OCO is trying to break our hearts

I accidentally stayed up for the past 23 hours, 32 minutes without noticing because the Orbiting Carbon Observatory is just that cool. Unfortunately, it's also a total tease, cancelling the 3am launch with just seconds to spare.


The Delta II looks all majestic, but really it's a conniving rocket intent on spoiling dreams. Image credit: NASA/Randy Beaudoin

I'll be telling you more about this heartbreaker of a satellite later today (...possibly while I'm sleeping off this glut off geeky-adventuring, thanks to the wonders of technology...), but I just had to gasp-wonder-gripe-sigh about a launch getting scrubbed in the last 46 seconds of countdown. Yes, it's undeniably better to scrub to launch another day when the other option is press ahead to a not-so-glorious unintended explosion, but at 46 seconds? Really?!

It sounds far less aggravating if I list it as a scrub at 1.5x the launch window duration.

In other news, I welcome keen-eyed yet polite proofreaders to stop on by my shiny Space subsite at, oh, let's say... 11am PDT/2pm EDT? to clean up the messes I'm sure my tired eyes are entirely glossing over at this point.


Update: We're good to go for another launch attempt tonight! I managed to settle in for an entire 2 hours sleep, but I'm too excited to actually behave like a responsible human and get some rest before staying up until the early hours again today.

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