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I know there was a metal thread yesterday, but I really feel the need to share this, so bear with me.

On my commute last night I decided to try out a really obscure album- Into the Void of Fear by Octopus, a Chilean progressive metal band who sticks to instrumentals. When I mean obscure, I mean that they only have one review on Amazon (I'll add mine when I have more time).


It's a short album (basically an EP), but holy shit it's epic. There's a dearth of truly great instrumental metal acts out there (the maestros of Apocalyptica being the exception, of course), so this was something I've been wanting. Not only are these tracks unrelenting in their ass-kicking, but they do something truly unique by incorporating jazz stylings into their sounds.

Oh, and there's saxophone. In this metal album.

The digital album is $7.99 on Amazon, which is kinda steep but I though it was totally worth it.

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