This time instead of Pokemon, we'll indulge in our love of RPGs. Basically, what RPG class would you be? Fighter, mage, thief, etc? You can choose any class from any type of RPG game. Also, to make it more interesting, take a few of the other people here on ODeck and say what class they would be.

Me - Hero. Similar to the Dragon Quest class. Basically a Jack of all trades who can fight, sling spells, and heal when needed, but isn't the best at anything.

LizTaylorsEarrings - Witch Sorceress, with a Corgi familiar. Specializes in Ice type spells.

DrillPress - Summoner

Mythbri - Beast Master. With a wide array of feline monsters under her command.

Balmut - Dragon Rider

Irae Nicole - Valkyrie

I went with some basic ones here, but please, feel free to go nuts.