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So after forgetting to make posts for the last couple of weeks of Movie Nights we’re back again with a heist themed movie night. We’re splitting up the viewings for this one due to scheduling issues so the first night will be at 9 PM Eastern Coast time on Saturday and 9 PM East Coast time on Thursday.

We have a poll for determining what we view up on IMZY right now and it will run until 10 PM Eastern Time on Friday. If you don’t already have an IMZY account you’ll need to get an invitation to join from either myself or UkuleleDan (you’ll need to find a way to get us your email address for this to work). The choices are as follows: Inside Man, The Bank Job, The Italian Job (Original), Reservoir Dogs, Ocean’s 11 (Remake), Ocean’s 13, Entrapment, The Thomas Crown Affair (Remake), Gone in 60 Seconds, and Die Hard.


Since the last time we made a post about Movie Night we’ve also acquired a new method to watch the movies: Rabb.it. In order to use it you’ll need to make an account and then friend request either myself, Aderyn, UkuleleDan, Bangishotyou, or Jinxe and then when movie time rolls around we’ll send you an invite through Rabb.it to join our room.

That should be everything, if you have any questions please ask them down in the comments.

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