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ODeck Open Thread

It's Friday night, let's chat 'bout stuff and junk.

If you've been following my Adventures in Moving on Twitter/Tumblr*, you might have seen me complaining about lack of shelves. My desk stuff still needs a home** but I attacked IKEA the other day and found a bookshelf so new, it wasn't even listed on the website yet. VICTORY IS MINE. I was having a tough time, since I needed something that could fill a 24" width most efficiently, and Billy bookcases were just not doing it. Enter: FINNBY.


Gaze at it's majestic beauty. Rejoice that it only cost me 40 smackers. Cheer that it is 23.5" wide.

In truth, it could use more shelves, but that is something that can be easily rectified. I assume. They would sell extra shelves for it, right? RIGHT?!? I'm up to 7 boxes of books that need a home.*** I can't cull them any more!

Anyhoodlekins, I'm bring over this bad boy to my finance's place tonight so we can build it. And then I can start loading it up.

Awwwwww yeahhhhhhhh.

Whatcha up to this weekend?

*Not as intense as Remedios' adventures. She totally wins that one.




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