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Odeck Opinions Request - Rogue One (Final Update)

5/4/17 I’ve been meaning to do a small write for Rogue One after my humble request was answered but time keeps on slippin’-slippin’-slippin’ into the future. In any case, today is as good a day as it gets so...

The one thing that stood out the most was the movies take on the Rebellion. Not at all what I expected. We get a view of the going to the Dark Side in fighting against The Empire, the extremes it takes to do what has to be done.


Cassian Andor’s introduction in Rogue One was without doubt a bold statement. He gathers information about the Empire through spies and when the latest informant can’t flee from the Storm Troopers, Cassian kills him in order to make an escape. This really stunned me. The good guy taking things so far. But as a reflection of real life, this is what happens with those who oppose the government.

My only thing is that Jyn Erso should have also been shown perpetrating the crime for which she is captured when we first meet her as an adult. But this is a minor thing. The story works. Its solid portrayal of the other side of what it means to be a rebel fighter. I liked Rogue One much more than The Force Awakens which to me is a rehash of the plot in A New Hope.

Thanks to all you Hipsters who took the time to recommend a much enjoyed purchase.

May The Force Be With You.

4/7/17 Its unanimous! Everyone agrees that Rogue One is worth watching. Even a few cats who are not the biggest fans can’t find a reason not to like the movie. That’s pretty high praise.


And I just bought my copy. I’ll definitely will be watching it this weekend.

Thanks to all you mothertruckers for your opinion. I can count on people here to give their passionate take on any given topic every time.



I haven’t seen this yet and thinking of just buying the blu-ray outright and taking a shot at liking it. I’d like to know from you all who have seen it if it’s worth the price tag.


Good? Not good?

You can either give thumbs up or down and/or give a brief opinion as to why. Of course, without spoilers. Although I have an inkling of what happens to this rebel scum during the course of the movie and up to the end.


Thanks ya’ll.

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