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ODeck Secret Santa

The consensus is in and we are having a virtual Secret Santa.

Seeing as we are such an international group*, it would be a bit too difficult to organize a budget-friendly Secret Santa with all that shipping.


So. How does this work?

Well, what can you give digitally? A customized GIF, a colouring of your giftee's fandom, poorly-done but well-intentioned photoshop, there are options.

If you would like to be part of this, and I know some of you do because you practically bullied me into doing it, email me at liztaylorsearrings at gmail . com OR DM me @LTsEarrings on the Twitters. Please let me know your ODeck handle if it isn't obvious from your email.

The deadline for getting involved is Monday. I'll then put the names in LizTaylorsEarrings Random Hat Generator and let you know who you got!


*We're a really cool club. Someone should design us patches.

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