I’m in charge now! You hear me, Phamsa? I’m in charge!!! Ahem. It has been proposed the first Odeck author who sees it should make this thread. *Looks around* Would that be me, then? I’ve never done one of these, if I do anything wrong feel free to correct me. If you have any thoughts about the film, post them in the comments right here. I guess it’s the habit to keep pushing it to the top of the board for at least a week, probably longer so I guess I will. There will be spoilers in my post, and of course probably even more massive ones in the comments. Frontal attack! Don’t let them scare you!

So. I’ve seen it. And I will go see it again. What do we make if it? It’s a really good Star Wars movie. Even though I think the point of criticism most often heard is valid - to make this a great sequel, they would have had to leave their comfort zone a little more. The constellation of figures is a carbon copy of the original trilogy and of course - the big threat and it’s demise in the third act seemed - way too familiar. That said - while the lack of courage prevents it from being a perfect Star wars movie, it is still one hell of an entertaining one.

The most obvious step up it has over made over the - slightly unsatisfying prequel trilogy is the humour. My - God is this a step up from JarJar and his poop jokes. Daisy Ridley an John Boyega are an awesome screen couple. BB-8 is every bit worthy to roll R2’s footprints. I can’t wait to see the two Astromechs interact more.

The characters are so much more likeable - down to the supporting parts and the villains. N0t just Kylo... He’s a little bit the Sith one one would have expected prequel Anakin to become, with his insecurities and his anger management issues, isn’t he? But that’s cool, it makes sense - and is way more entertaining than Anakin’s insecurities ever were.


I love Phamsa - I had read some warning not to set my hopes to high for her, but I was not disappointed. Sure she could have gotten more screentime, but at least she had more than in Hunger Games. And I’m pretty sure - given Han didn’t do to her what the threatened to do - that we’ll see much more of her.

General Hux is pretty good too. I liked his “Well, yeah, you wear a mask and a cape, but I’m in charge here, anyway!” Tarkin-attitude. And his Goebbels impersonation.


Questions that remain unanswered for at least two more years:

Who is Rey? Why was she abandoned on Jakku? Now that the major rumour about her parents is dead, is it a red herring that her tinkering/piloting talents, her skills in the force despite lack of training and her very special connection to that one thing point very clearly into one direction? I had expected to get an answer to that in the last scene, but... not yet.


Who is Snokes? Also - What is Snokes? We had all assumed that being played by Serkis he’d have to be an Alien but... disfigured as he is, he may just as well be human....

Will the Empire/First Order ever learn their lesson about massive Superweapons and their weak spots?

Will there be more Yoda Maz Kanata? We didn’t see her die, so I’ll just assume yes.


Who was Max von Sydow? I feel I should know have known his character....

What about Finn’s family? Highly improbable that the rumour about Lando is true, by now, but will we ever know more or will it be left untouched as not being important for this story?

Why did they cut out one of the most iconic scenes of the trailers?


(With current knowledge, I assume that’s Rey and Leia in that scene, so it did not have the significance most of us gave it, but still)

So - how about you? Seen it? What do you think? Haven’t seen it and just want the spoilers? What do you think about those?