I recently discovered The Paramount Vault on Youtube. They have a strange/obscure collection of archived movies that are completely free for the public to view. Not exactly chocked-full of Oscar winners, but I’m sure a good time can still be had.

There are various genres filled with less than stellar productions (Margot at the Wedding?), but the Science Fiction and Horror sections seem stocked with tidbits of nonsensical fun.


The roster will be added to as time goes on (not sure if things get removed), so it’s best to marathon them as soon as possible so you don’t get backlogged.

They even have a few digital series on the channel, though I haven’t checked any of them out.

Currently up for your viewing pleasure: Masters of the Universe, The Deadly Bees and I Married a Monster From Outer Space.

Well, there went my weekend, how about yours?

(EDIT: This might be a US only thing.)