Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Off Topic?

In the begininng there was io9. It was a happy place and then the fire nation came. No that's something else. Then came random musings then came the odeck. Now correct me if I am wrong but even though this is a sci fi site with the geekdom leaning towards the sci fi, this is still a place for whatever strikes our fancy, right? There are no topics there are no rules this is anarchy baby! Is that spelled right?

We had a fictional war over four vs five. #numberfiveisaliveforever

We then had the great odeck war. #supervilliansvsscientists #freelanceassasin

We have dance parties and .gif parties.

We are adult shaped fun machines. In short THERE IS NO OFF TOPIC ON THE ODECK!!

Please continue to tag #nsfw or #spoilers. We will kill you over that crap.

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