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Oh Dear, What Have I Done?

So last night on IO9, they posted the new trailer for the upcoming Captain America movie, “Civil War.” While I really have seen all the Marvel movies at least once, sometimes I don’t pay as close attention as I should. And this new trailer just confused me. But my comment was put carefully in terms of how these were just my opinions, so others obviously may not agree. I did, however, suggest that if the Marvel movies keep getting more and more complicated, that the franchise might suffer.

Hoo boy. The comments started pouring in. At first, there were some that politely disagreed with my opinions and offered their own. Cool. I like discussion. I starred a bunch, even though I personally disagreed. I tried adding a little more of my own perspective (I’m not a comics reader; I prefer the Marvel movies that are more self-contained or which tell origin stories rather than the extravagant “The gang’s all here” ones like Age of Ultron; Thor movies just make me giggle; etc.)


But then the nasty comments started, questioning my mental accuity, or flat out calling me an idiot, so at that point all bets were off. I started having fun with some of the more mean-spirited replies. In my best rejoinder, one guy asked if I was being obtuse, so I asked him what my weight had to do with anything.

I woke up this morning to another 75+ comments and they are still coming fast and furious. I have evidently touched a raw nerve. Never question if God has feet of clay, I guess. And I will go see Civil War, because my daughter (who also thinks I’m an idiot) will drag me to it.

At this point, with the mean replies, I feel like going all Ken M. or BirdsRightsActivist on them.

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