Falling Skies. Oh, Falling Skies. You are no good for me. All my friends tell me so.

And yet... I just can't leave you. I wait by the TV every Sunday night, hoping you'll appear. And when you do, I light up inside.


But... by the end of the hour, I'm left feeling... empty.

Last night's episode of the show you love to hate to love... er, um... hate... where was I? Oh, right, Falling Skies.


Everything sort of comes to a head, kind of. Hal's treachery revealed, Karen fesses up to hiding it, and we have touchy-feelie Mason family moments a-plenty.

Typical Falling Skies, as the Masons ultimately ditch everybody to go rescue Anne and mutantalienbabydemon. But wedged in between the ham-fisted 'A' plot were some really nice moments.



* Weaver being the Weaver I miss: If you saw the episode, you can guess what I'm referring to: the bar scene. Yes indeed, when Pope and co. are pulled off the line of the standoff with Evil Hal (who has taken Tom hostage), they resort to laying odds and betting back at the bar on whether Hal and Tom will survive the encounter. Enter Weaver, looking surly and menacing, who saunters up to the bar, tags a shot of whiskey, lines up another, and then threat-hugs Pope and lays down the law. And Pope, being not a complete idiot, sends one of his lads to guard Hal's hospital room (did I mention Mason family touchie-feelie? Yeah, Hal gets taken down but not killed, by his brothers AND Karen, with Tom, in a mind-control family intervention...)


* The X-Files moment of the 'black goo' doing its business on Hal. Kudos to Drew Roy for revving up the pain in that scene, and to Noah Wiley for giving a really convincing non-speaking performance during the 'exorcism'. Kudos also to the make-up and CGI folks for making Hal look really rough in that scene. Nice work!

* Matt Mason once again proving why his generation of kids, in a post-invasion world, may do better to learn street-smarts and war skills than to waste time with that silly book-learnin'.



* Lourdes, PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR PATIENT! JEEEEEZUS, woman, you're stabbing a dude in the heart with a giant needle. Stop looking at his dad!!!


* Under-utilized Ben. I really wanted to see him scale the wall. Guess it wasn't in the budget for this episode... instead, we get him as Skitter-translator and background support guy, for the most part.

* The aforementioned Mason Family Feel-Good Hour. Seriously, how did nobody see the Matt/Ben/Karen QB Sneak there? You KNEW they were gonna go in to talk to Hal. So much of three supposed 'soldiers' following orders.


* The ridiculous final moments of the episode: the Masons on horseback, heading off into certain danger. Really? They can just grab valuable horses and ride off on a suicide mission? Who cares if Tom resigned as El Presidente? New Prez Peralta should have immediately confined the Masons to town, in order to safeguard their well-being. (Side note: anybody else think Peralta has a hidden agenda? Why is Hal the only mind controlled person in Charleston? Hmmmm???)

* The episode title: "Be Silent and Come Out" Ugh, really? OK, maybe it's some historical reference (which the Internet does not know of), but it just sounds odd.



All in all, I just find that I keep wishing that Falling Skies would take me somewhere nice on Sunday nights, but instead we stay at home, doing the same old thing, week after week. I want surprises, Falling Skies! I want excitement, romance, intrigue, diversity! I want that fire back in our relationship!

This is my plea, Falling Skies. Don't disappoint me again!



UPDATE: next week's promo actually answers the "was Hal the mole" question in a 4 second bit of dialogue with Peralta!