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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Oh, Falling Skies, you so silly...


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I could do a big, lengthy review of last night's episode, but ultimately I'm going to bullet point it, for lack of time:

The Good:

* Ben and Matt Mason talking about their Dad's ability(or lack thereof) to pick up girls in college.


* Ben and Deni's growing relationship is solid and feels organic.

* Both Ben & Deni's decision to stay 'harnessed' (I'm guessing you can see I thought these two were the best bit of the episode)



* Pretty much any scene with Pope in it

* the touching moments with basement mad scientist guy...

* Still digging the Volm, 'Cochise': his story of why he fights this war was brilliantly voice-acted and touching.



Where do I begin?

* Alien baby, crazy mom who goes from being afraid of the baby to "I'll knock people out and run away with alien baby"in the span of 1/2 of an episode! OH COME ON!


* the dad from 7th Heaven is President (or Captain Decker, if you want to go waaaay back to the late 70's Trek lore...)

* Evil Hal (he needs a goatee though): it's just so damned contrived, though I give the actor (Drew Roy) credit for trying to make it believable.


* Ineffectual Captain Weaver: I mean, what is his point anymore? he used to be pivotal to the plot. Now he's just... what, and observer?

* and, this is a small gripe, but: Deni snapping the eye glasses in half: it's not like there's a full service Lenscrafters store down the street! Geez, some other kid could have used those! (granted, she has them later taped int he middle super-nerd-style, but still...)

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