Hooray-ing for a video game movie tie in? I must've gone mad! But hear me out...

I actually really rather enjoyed the first TASM game, released by Beenox just ahead of the Andrew Garfield/Emma Stone reboot film. I mean, sure, it's wasn't The Last of Us, in fact it was pretty much an average-ass game, but by god as a Spider-Man fan that's about as good as you get these days. At least it wasn't Edge of Time.

For as humdrum as TASM: The Video Game was in general though, it got two things absolutely spot on: First, it was open-world NYC, which is a must for Spider-Man. Sure, there wasn't a lot to do in that open world, but it was a step up from recent corridor-web-crawling experiences. But secondly, it did this:


And it did it pretty bloody well.

Not since Spiderman 2 on the PS2 (a.k.a one of the few truly great Movie tie-in games) has web-swinging in games been done this well. I could spend - and, admittedly, have spent - hours just swinging through virtual Manhattan, appreciating the wonder of it all, the sense of speed, the gorgeous animation on Spidey as he flitted around. Seriously, the rest of the game could've been way worse than it actually was and I wouldn't have cared. This was some damn good web swinging.


As long as this sequel keeps the excellent swinging and manages to be as good, or better than, the original, I'm on board. Hopefully it is!

(I wouldn't mind them replacing Sam Riegel with Andy Garfield for voicing Spidey though. Riegel's good, but he's not as dreamy)