Let me count the ways.

For those who missed out on the news yesterday/last night, Motorola did their thing last night and some of us are now drooling at the latest line-up updates and releases Motorola has unveiled.

Let me count the ways? There are four to be exact. (Two are accessories and weren't really big enough deals to count. But if we did there would be six ways technically.)

Moto X

The new Moto X, not named the X+1 as rumors had originally pegged, is definitely a flagship device this year in every possible sense.


What you see there is the new Moto X next to last year's model.

It is noticeably bigger, but for specifics sake it has a 5.2" 1080p AMOLED screen, an updated processor (Snapdragon 801 instead of the Snapdragon 4 Pro from last year, camera, 2 GB of RAM and 16 or 32 GB of built-in storage. Along with the same goodies from last year: Active Display (now called Moto Display), Touchless Control (now called Moto Voice), Assist and all the others.


Oh and this time around it has front facing speakers, a welcomed change from last year's rear one.

I won't touch upon all the other little changes, but if you have last year's Moto X you'll notice some huge and awesome ones in the video above.


No word yet though on pricing or availability, but it'll likely drop sometime either before the end of the month or next month.

For more information and pics and all that good stuff head over to the Moto X page on Motorola.

On a personal note, I had really looked forward to this device when it was still just a rumor and kind of a given that we'd be seeing a refresh for the year. Then my excitement waned and other phones came out that caught my eye. After reading some preliminary write-ups on both Ars Technica and The Verge though, well, I can say with absolute certainty that "this is my next". So expect a write-up on it whenever I can get my hands on one. I have no doubts though that I'll love it like I do my current Moto X and will likely come away having my mind blown by the phone and its features when I do get to play with it.


UPDATE: Punit Soni has said the following about the latest software and hardware. "I hope you like our line-up. The Specs are great and we have all new and improved software features across the board which make these devices work even better.

And better still, all that software will come to all our existing users too (as long as the Hardware allows it)"

For the full post/quote visit here.

We can likely take this to mean that those of us currently with the first generation version of the Moto X, Moto G and Moto E will likely be getting some of that sweet, sweet software we see in the Moto X video. It will likely be hardware dependent though, at least in regards to some of the voice features. Meaning the Moto X will likely get quite a bit of it but the others who lack the always listening capabilities will not. Then again, they got some stuff too this morning. The Moto Assist app was updated earlier this morning, as was Contextual Services, so that both the Moto G and Moto E get the Driving and Home features. (If you're wondering what exactly those features do then just take a gander at the attached screenshots from my phone below.)


Moto G


The Moto G has received a pretty nice update this year too. The screen is now bigger, even bigger than last year's Moto X's screen, at 5" and 720 P. The storage options remain the same as last year, either 8 GB or 16 GB, with the notable difference of also being expandable via a microSD card slot.

Pricing will be $179.99 for the 8 GB model, no word yet on the 16 GB model's pricing, and it will be available for purchase at 11 AM CST today via Motorola's site.


UPDATE: You can order the new Moto G directly from Motorola here. Keep in mind it is currently only the 8 GB version that is going for $179.99 that is up for sale.

Moto 360

This is the smartwatch a lot of us were waiting for and it is finally here!

Besides it's sleeker look over current offerings, it's just a really amazing device.


It'll come with the ability to choose from 6 watch faces and will be available with a leather strap once it goes live for sale later today or a stainless steel one at a later date.

The price point is very nice at $249.99. If you're of the "shut up and take my money" persuasion you can buy it right now if you're so inclined. This link will take you to a special and limited silver model. While this one here will take you to the black one. (I currently have the black version sitting there in the cart, but I'm waiting for Best Buy to open up here in a bit so I can call and see if they have it in store locally. Seeing as how I'm basically best friends with the girl who handles online orders at my local store I'm really hoping they do. And by best friends I mean I buy so many things for work and home that I'm on a first name basis with her and if she doesn't see me for awhile she will inquire as to "where the heck have you been" when I pop in again. Please oh please have it in store! I've been good lately! Mostly. I won't ask for anything else for the rest of the year I swear!)

[regains composure]

Ahem, as I was saying though this is the smartwatch a lot of us were waiting for. There is one thing worth mentioning that a lot of people seem to have overlooked originally and then flipped their lids over later when it was clearly pointed out on quite a few sites. If you look closely at the bottom of the watch you'll see what looks like a small black area where the watch face itself seems to disappear. Yep, that's exactly what it looks like and is. Reason for this? That's where the display driver is and thus that's how it looks in person. Motorola did the best they could with what was available in my book though and such a minor "flaw" in the appearance of the devices screen/watch face does nothing to detract from the overall look and actual use of the device. So if that's something you feel like you might lose your shit over then you should probably hold out for the LG G Watch R if you want a round watch, that one doesn't have that "issue".


I think it's a given I'll be doing a write-up on this one relatively soon, so expect that once I have one in my hands. Cause yes, I'll be buying this one way or the other (online or at my local Best Buy). What can I say? I've always had a love for technology and have always bought any and every gadget and gizmo that has struck my fancy. I have no problems with owning the OG G Watch and a Moto 360.

UPDATE: So I just got off the phone with that awesome sales rep I know. Only a very small handful of Best Buy locations have them in store today. (The one nearest to me that has one is like two hours drive away. Now I have enough gas in my car to go and grab one and I am certainly crazy, but not that crazy.) She did inform me though that they will have them at all locations this coming Tuesday. (Oh and you can also order them online. If you choose to have it shipped to you then you'll get it Tuesday. I know, cause I'm doing exactly that. Otherwise, if you choose the store pickup option then you're going to have to wait til Thursday.)

UPDATE 2: It is live! You can order the Moto 360 directly from Motorola here. Or you can order it from Best Buy if you're so inclined. For the gray leather one go here and for the black leather one go here. Or if you'd prefer to order them from the Google Play Store then you can do that too. The gray one is here and the black one is here.


UPDATE 3: I got some bad news for you, Sunshine... Pink isn't well... wait. What? Oh yeah, bad news. Best Buy and Google Play have sold out online.

And last but not least...

Moto Hint

Now I know what you're thinking, just another Bluetooth headset, right? WRONG!

I mean it is indeed another Bluetooth headset, but for those with Motorola devices (particularly the OG Moto X and everything since) it's got some nifty additional features tied in to Motorola's APIs. I'm still reading up on this one and trying to play catch up with all the info, but think Google Now without having to take your phone out or even look at it. Oh and notifications. New text message? It'll read it out loud to you. New email? Ditto. Want to dictate something? Consider it done.


Beyond that there are a few additional things. The earbud includes sensors that turn it on and pair it with your phone the moment you stick it in your ear. Also, the case that is included with the device doubles as an external charger (good for two charges), with the device lasting for ten hours on any given charge. Oh, plus it can be attached to your keychain for on the go carrying and charging. Neat!

Both the Hint and case/charger come in a variety of looks and finishes, so once it goes live for sale you'll be able to see if there's any that strike your fancy.


As for pricing it's going to go for $149.99 and is listed as coming soon on Motorola's site. While some might think that's a bit much for such a device, that isn't exactly outrageous compared to similar offerings made by other companies. In fact I'd say that's pretty much par for the course.

Beyond that Motorola has two other things worth mentioning.

The Motorola Power Pack Micro, which will go on sale later today here for $39.99 and comes in a number of colors. It is essentially an emergency use external charger for your phone that attaches to your keychain. It is certainly small enough to do so without being annoying or cumbersome.



On top of that it also has some Bluetooth capabilities, mainly in the form of tying to your phone and emitting a a beeping sound so you can find your keys if you lose them. Or vice versa, causing your phone to beep if you lose it (which you can cause to happen by pushing a button on the Power Pack Micro).

And then there's the Motorola Turbo Charger, of which more information and availability likely later today can be found here. It'll go for $34.99 and is made for devices that feature Qualcomm's Quick Charge 2.0 functionality.


What does it do exactly you might be wondering? Well, if the name doesn't make things relatively clear, it charges your phone retardedly fast. Charge it for fifteen minutes using this bad boy and you've now got eight hours of battery life again.

And that's it for everything Motorola has coming soon! My wallet, which I forgot at home, cried out in pain already. I heard it all the way over here a few cities away.

So if anyone wants to gush about some of these with me I'll be at my desk all day to be able to properly respond. Otherwise I can field some questions if anyone has them. (Including here in sixteen minutes as to whether or not my local Best Buys carry the Moto 360. They damn well better! But they likely won't, at least not in-store today. At which point you can just address me as...