So after several recommendations from this site and my sister AND because I am currently doing a project at home that requires me to sit in front of the TV for hours, I have taken the plunge and started watching Supernatural from the beginning. I just cleared season 2 and am in the beginning of season 3.

A couple of basic observations so far:

-JUST TALK TO EACH OTHER ALREADY! 75% of the issues these two are going through would be solved if they would just be honest and talk to one another. You're brothers. Start sharing.

-The fake ID names and the in-jokes are some of the best parts of the show. "I'm agent Freely and this is agent Simmons." I almost dies when they were on the Hollywood set and the tour guide mentioned where Gilmore Girls was shot.

OK, I plan on power watching as much as I can this weekend. Feel free to add your observations to the mix. And as always, .gifs are always appreciated, Hell, they are almost required! ;)