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OK guys, True Detective speculation time

We are heading into episode 7. This the penultimate episode of a show that has been righteously fucking our brains out. I want to start a simple line of speculation as to future developments, so hopefully the S01E07 trailer will create a natural spoiler line.


Submitted for your approval: time marker :25. Rust tells Marty there is something he has to see. It appears as if Marty watches it on a computer screen or small television and freaks out, screaming, "Noooooo!", and shuts it off, not wanting to endure anymore pain.

What do you think is going on here? My own belief is that it is something involving one of his daughters. Most likely the sexually promiscuous one. I think she may be caught up in the sexual rituals of a pagan cult that is operating in the area. I will admit that a good deal of this belief, as is true of so many beliefs, may entirely be wish fulfillment.

So ODeck, what do you think it is that is making Marty freak the fuck out?????

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