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OK, here is the deal...

I have a post that links to an article in a major Canadian news publication about Serenada. It is a fairly intimate portrayal of her but is done with the utmost love and reverence. There is some debate about whether I should have shared it given Serenada's desire for privacy. I do understand this and want to be respectful to all who feel this way. So, for the time being, my post has been taken off ODeck and moved to my personal blog spot. I sincerely do not know what is the right move so I am keeping both options open. You can avoid this knowledge of her life or delve into it. I will not judge you either way because any revelations will only make you love her more and any desire to keep these details obscured will be a loving gesture of respect. I don't think anything is cut and dry here. Do what you feel is right. It is all you can do. Serenada is not here to take her friends to task for sharing details of her life publicly that she wanted obfuscated and kick them in the nuts accordingly. It is difficult to know what we should know about her and what we shouldn't. Who can possibly make that call now? All I know is that she was an extraordinary person; extraordinary in ways we may only be able to appreciate now. I don't want that to be lost like tears in rain.


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