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OK, O-Deck: convince me of my next marathon TV binge-watch!

I've been plowing through Misfits the past week or so, which will conclude soon, so... where to go from here? (and wow, there are Whedon-level surprise deaths on this show!!)

Here's a list of shows I hesitate to get into, due to the time committment, but I probably will at some point. So... what should I start into next? Pitch me the hard-sell, people!

(NOTE: Not all are sci-fi or fantasy shows)


(NOTE: I tried Lost Girl, Once Upon A Time, Revolution, and Helix , but they didn't grab me at all)

* Psych

* Breaking Bad

* Supernatural

* Orphan Black

* Defiance

* Almost Human

* Burn Notice

* Mad Men

UPDATE: It's down to Burn Notice, Orphan Black, and Psych. And serenada, one of these day I swear I will freebase Supernatural, and my head will explode. Also, my dad and I share a love of Bruce Campbell, so....

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