Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

OK, someone explain this, please:

So I thought I understood the new comment system. There are no comments highlighted, unless the author of the post responds. Otherwise, they exist in the "all replies" clicky. And I picked up that the author of the piece is outlined in blue. I think.

What is this:


Who is Sean Bon? He's not the author. Meredith wrote this piece. Meredith didn't respond to him, and he doesn't have any recommends. Why is his comment highlighted?

If I go to 'all replies':


See, Sean's avatar is highlighted in blue. I saw that quirk in Ghost's Piece:


Ghost's the author, so he's outlined in blue. That's what I assumed it meant, anyway.


So my grand question is, why isn't this consistent? How am I supposed to become comfortable with this system if it isn't consistent?

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