I really need to learn to care less about this shit but I have to illustrate this in order to vent my rage about how needlessly convoluted the new system is and why it only adds complication to the process and NOTHING of value.

1) Here is a comment thread of mine on Kinja 1.2. Notice that it only shows one reply but gives me the option to see more.

2) Once I click on "Show additional replies" you see that not only am I now able to see a reply from artiofab but also from sparrowgrass. However, there is strangeness afoot. For some reason a reply box opens. Why? I am not trying to reply to anyone. Who would this reply box be for anyway? There are two people this could be addressed to. It seems to be addressed to me. Plus, the two comments I've just read appear AGAIN underneath the box. I understand that this might be just a glitch so I am not going to rag on it too much. The thing that really pisses me off is upcoming in number 3.

EDIT: I see now that the replies that I called "duplicate" are in fact expanded replies. Artiofab's comment cuts off in default view but is fully visible in the expansion. It does serve a function but the display of it is still extremely borked and inefficient.


3) For whatever fucked up reason now, I can't just see all the replies to me when I click "Show additional replies". Wouldn't you think that would be the goddamn function of that button???!!! No, instead I am required to click on the fucking time stamp of my comment in order to see that TWO OTHER people replied to me.


Now, I am not extremely familiar with Bucket-O-Nothing but they seem like a very nice person and I have no idea why they should be hidden like this.

I am, however, very familiar with Wenchette. I love and adore Wenchette. I find it deeply insulting that she just can't appear in "additional replies". Why does it take a whole 'nother fucking step to see her reply?


Keep in mind that clicking the time stamp reloads the ENTIRE page again. So imagine if this were a GIF laden article or something extremely media rich. It is so STUPID. The pop up we have with ALL THE REPLIES works extremely well. This is a huge step backwards.