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Okay Game of Thrones, your Merchandising is getting a little ridiculous

Like, seriously.

I understand HBO wants to sell a lot of cool Game of Thrones shit. I even own some of that cool shit! Those distressed house sigil T-shirts and matching hoodies? Classy as hell. I've got the Lannister and Targaryen versions of both, and really want to get the Baratheon hoodie. The Home seat T-Shirts? Also awesome, got the Storm's End one (clearly I rep my bros Rob, Renly and Stannis)!


I'm willing to even admit that the Iron Throne statuette and Ice Letter opener are pretty cool, for those amongst us who want to fill fill their office space with bits of sword. Or that those rather clever Westeros map mugs are neat. Hell, even the vinyl figures are kinda cute.

But this? This is just... what? Milk of the Poppy! Like, no frame of reference - it's hardly a notable quotable, really - just... "Oh I'll just have this t-shirt with the name of a fantasy opiate on it". What a lark.

What's next? The I fucked a Lysene Whore and all I got was this T-Shirt T-Shirt? The R'hllor, Lord of Light book lamp? A Flea Bottom's Open Heart mouse mat? You Know Nothing, Jon Snow: The Game of Thrones Trivia Game?

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