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Okay, I'm Late to Star Trek: Discovery's First Season

I stated back when Star Trek: Discovery was first announced that I wasn’t going to subscribe to CBS All Access just for one show. But I also said I would be fine with purchasing the season on its own to show support. I finally did and just finished watching. Here are my quick thoughts.


Despite trying to avoid spoilers I did inadvertently find out enough to have a good idea where the season was going with regard to Lorca and Tyler. I’m sure that knowledge and watching the show over a course of days instead of months affected my opinion of the show.

Did I have some issues with the show? Of course I did, especially as someone who grew up watching reruns of TOS on a black & white TV. But I didn’t hate ST:D. Yes, it’s a different take on Star Trek but so is every series after the original 1960s one. I liked what the season was trying to say thematically about the values of the Federation and Starfleet even if the execution left a lot to be desired. The issues I have with the season are things that have been argued to death all over the internet so I’m not going to rehash them here.

The best sign of what I thought of the first season is that I liked it enough to want to see the next season. Even though that probably won’t be for a while since I’m still not going to subscribe to CBS All Access.

Other Thoughts:

  • One thing I have to give a hat tip to ST:D for is the look of the bridge officers, particularly Lieutenant Detmer’s implants and the mysterious Lieutenant Commander Airium. And though we only see her in the first two episodes, never forget the Shenzhou’s Lieutenant Daft Punk (who does get fleshed out in a ST:D novel).
  • Cadet (now Ensign) Tilly seems about the same age as Discovery’s junior officers like Lieutenant Detmer. So did she go to the Academy at a later age or is she supposed to be younger than she looks?
  • Admiral Cornwell was either a psychologist or psychiatrist before becoming a command officer. In my headcanon maybe she was responsible for Doctor Dehner’s assignment to Kirk’s Enterprise as a first step towards establishing the Ship’s Counselor position.

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