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Okay, I've a rant and nowhere to put it. And it's off topic.

So, this is going on in Romania. And of course there are a million of articles about the protesters. Not the cause, but the protesters.

And here's the thing: we may be young, but that does not mean we're gullible. We may be underemployed, but that does not mean we're stupid. And if we didn't vote that does not mean we're uninformed and uninterested in politics. Ever think that not voting is a vote in and of itself? It means "we're not interested in your bullshit anymore." But if we are uniformed, can you blame us? The politicians have been avoiding informing the younger generations because they we won't vote for them.


And we understand the system. That's why we're protesting. It's your system, dear press editors. You and your politicians and your economists didn't care about the future, but we do. We know what sustainable development means, and we believe a social (not "socialist") economy can work. Some of us are helping implement it.

We may be hipsters, students (stop saying that like it's a bad thing!), ecologists. But we are also corporate employees, entrepreneurs, volunteers, and many many other things. If you think this is the "hipster revolution" then you haven't been paying attention. And you're an idiot who fell for corporation propaganda.

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ETA: More context for what is happening. Save Rosia Montana.



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