These two haunted houses were bought by the owners of The Beast and The Edge Of Hell after the owner of the competition died in an accident. I went to The Chambers Of Edgar Allen Poe the first year they opened these two. Unfortunately, they needed to do more work on it, and I fell on an unmarked step. I'm afraid that rather ruined the experience, and I don't remember much else about the evening. And after that, I didn't much feel like going to another big haunted house, so I never made it to the Macabre Cinema.

Actually, this was pretty much the end of me going to any large haunted houses. I am not getting any younger, and I don't see very well. Even without doing things like unmarked steps I tend to have problems.

Someone tell me if Macabre Cinema is wonderful, or if it just recreates a bunch of slasher films and people with chain saws chase you. I almost got to go to Kansas City about a week ago, and I'm wondering if I missed out.