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Okay, my first impressions have been adjusted; i like Agents of Shield.

So...the first two episodes of Agents of Shield? I wasn't impressed... or, more accurately I was dissapointed. It all just seemed...cartoony? a parody, almost? or possibly like a fanfic screenplay?

So i never got round to watching ep3 and onwards; instead I got distracted by Elementary.


But this weekend, I got caught up on AoS and its won me over completely.

although, I will add, I also think watching episodes back to back helped immensely. I've decided i'm going to have to watch all TV shows in this manner now... putting 7 days between episodes? I actually finding the breaks really awkward. I'm a total convert to the Church of the Netflix Binge. :p

But back to Shield; yeah, now that we're peeling back the layers, its getting kinda enjoyable.

I still think Agent Ward is a sharp-jawed tool with the blandness of a breadstick and the Fitz-Simmons shtick is still grating as hell but i've fallen in love with Lady Simmons so there's that at least... if i can just create an accident and get rid of the Fitz...


The whole bouncing between Red Tide and Caterpillar.... still finding that a bit meh but i'll raise my hand and say thats really just 'shadowy organisation fatigue' on my part I think. I only recent just finished watch the entirety of Fringe and Person of Interest has just started up again so you' gotta cut me some slack here AoS... give me a Big Bad in broad daylight! (not gonna happen but a man can dream...)

Anyway, Marvel, you've done your job, i'll be tuning in each week. But if you want to put out the series in one go, dont let anyone stop you...

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