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Okay, Science Question for Worldbuilding

So all you science geeks out there, I have a question for you that's relevant to my writing. And it's about something a lot of you will probably tell me is flat-out impossible anyway, which is fine. Basically, I'm looking for a quasi-plausible method of FTL.

Basically, I'm trying to choose between traversable wormholes and (Alcubierre) warp drives. I understand the basic principles behind both and have a general sense of how they work (which is actually remarkably similar in some ways) but am trying to figure out which is more plausible for the sci-fi universe I've been constructing.


For awhile now I've been leaning towards wormholes / stargates, because it was something I was familiar with and basically understood. Plus, I'd kind of assumed the warp drive was a complete pipe dream for various different reasons. Recently, though, I've questioned this choice as it looks as though real-life physicists have turned a great deal of attention and research towards Alcubierre's solution recently, while traversable wormholes for the most part have remained the exclusive purview of science fiction and abstract hypotheses. So I've toyed with switching to the Alcubierre drive.

Except then I learn that the energy requirements of the warp drive could potentially exceed the total mass of the known universe.

So here's my question: Which of these two (completely hypothetical and potentially impossible) methods of FTL is the most plausible / least implausible? I've worked out explanations for both within my universe but am interested to hear what your thoughts are.

EDIT: I should probably add that my universe does not rule out the existence of more than one method of FTL. So what I'm really looking for is which is most practical and/or likely to be developed rather than which is possible.

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