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Okay, so I did not get picked to be on a Jury

This week I do not have to commit anyone to a mental health place or decide if ADA regulations were followed. And for this week, I was also spared having to decide anything about non-compete clauses.

Actually, I guess as far as jury duty goes, spending a week to decide something about non-compete clauses might have been okay. I'm just wondering how that was expected to take up the rest of the week.


So I didn't get picked. I never get picked. But I think usually I don't get picked because of something on the questionnaire (like I watch too much TV), but this time we didn't even get a questionnaire. And even without the questionnaire it still took all day.

I learned from other jurors that the wasting all day like that was unusual (in their opinion from previous trials), and most of them were surprised that we had to go back after lunch and answer more questions. And, from a girl whose regular job has her working in federal court, the process there rarely takes more than an hour and a half.

A couple of things surprised me this time. They were sending people home because they had flu-like symptoms. I understand that no one wants the flu, but I'm surprised that anyone still has the flu, and I'm surprised that if anyone did have the flu that they came to the courthouse anyway. And, they took my fork away from me, and did not give it back. But, what really surprised me was all the people who stood up and said that they either did not believe in the American justice system and did not think that they could participate, or that they did not think that civil suits deserved the court's time and their own time as jurors. Maybe that was just something that they said to try to get out of being picked, but if I ever have to serve on a jury I would think it easier to decide if someone was owed money rather than listen to the details of someone's sexual assault or something like that.

But, the really weird thing that happened was that several jurors in our panel just disappeared. The man assigned to the seat next to mine never showed up. So, people came to jury duty and were scanned in and all that between about 8:00 and 8:30 in the morning, and then something happened to them like in the next hour that no one knows about.


Jurors just disappear from the courthouse.

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