And I was kinda underwhelmed. I mean it is objectively a good movie, but it lacks... something. Spoilers, I suppose.

I feel that this movie lacks an emotional punch. Somehow I just didn't connect with it at all, which is weird because the X-men my favourite Marvel thing ever. I love Storm. The 90's cartoon made me a geek before I knew what that was. I have such fond memories of seeing the first two movies. Waiting MONTHS for the first one to get here. And the casting was perfect.

The death scenes were very "meh" - I figured everyone would live. Somehow they didn't manage to sell the whole will they/won't they make it. And I enjoyed the future scenes much more than ones in the past. I dunno. I suppose the new cast lacks a certain chemistry.

It just didn't work for me very well. I liked the few fan nods, but it just wasn't an absolute joy to watch, like say... Captain America. It lacks a certain element of fun, and goes for some needless squick factor. (Did we really need to see everyone die, twice?) I mean Cap2 went to some really dark places as well (Let's compare Erik and Trask with HYDRA), but it manages to be fun, visually interesting, and better at presenting the moral dilemmas.


I don't even want to think about the timeline issues. Why does Kitty suddenly have temporal powers? If the future is 50 years from now (or from 1973 which would make the future 2023) why has no one aged even a decade since the last movie? And I have questions about several events in the first movies. Let's not even think about the Wolverine spin-offs.

Seeing Scott again at the end was a really nice surprise though. I really wish they'd just have Wolvie get over Jean already. I know there was a time in the comics when he kept moping after her, but I'm pretty sure he got over her dammit. (Don't talk to me about the last Wolverine movie. Just don't.) I'd probably hate (and I don't say this about female characters lightly) Jean less if she weren't entirely defined by Scott and Logan's love/lust for her in the movies.


And the end-credits scene (and they did make us wait until the very end of the credits) was lame. Considering the mid-credits scene was the best thing about The Wolverine, I thought they'd be able to come up with something that could actually get me excited for the next one.

Anyone else feels like this? That Rotten Tomatoes rating kinda makes me feel like I'm the only one.