Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

And it didn't have anything to do with some award show having no impact on my life or whatever.


And it wasn't cause I needed to download True Detective or The Walking Dead right away either, those can wait til later today.

No, it was that damned HDTV.

The signal just got too annoying. So I decided to do the whole search thing and start over. It's a hassle to stop what you are watching and do this, but it's like five minutes or so, rather than try and deal with the "no signal" thing just popping up and random so that I miss most of the punchlines.


So five minutes later, instead of having the one channel that didn't work very well, I had like twenty channels that didn't work very well.

Damn it!

I gave up.

So, I decided to try and watch a bad copy of The Dallas Buyers Club instead. At least I assumed it was a bad copy. That got annoying too.


Well, my husband would rather watch Frozen instead. I think we got through about half of that.

The computer was slow too. Last night it was just electronic hell here.

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