Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Okay, the PS4 is goddamn amazing... everything feels as tight as a drum. The Playstation Network however, can kiss my hairy beige butt.

Lordy, I know, I KNOW, its getting hammered by everyone in the world trying to log in and use it for the first time today but that just intellectual...my gut is still annoyed.


Despite this however, Killzone: Shadowfall looks and plays fantastic (despite an horrifically awful premise), Need for Speed Rivals looks like GT5 and plays like Burnout: Paradise, NFS: Hot Pursuit and NFS: Most Wanted combined.... and my surprise hit, Knack.

I was prepared to dislike Knack. It was the 'lesser evil' choice that came with my bundle (i already owned BF4 on the PC).

But frankly, i've been playing it longer than either Killzone or NFS at this point. Its not deep, complex, or eye watering beatiful but it is a lot of casual fun. Frankly, i'm finding it to be a sort of cartoon Dark Souls. I'm playing it on easy and whilst the bad guys drop like flies under my attacks, you really cant take any liberties with them as they can will put you down in 2-3 hits. Solid game.

So overall, the only dark point is the bloody PSN. But that will sort itself out in a few days no doubt.


An almost perfect day... :p

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