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Olivia fights back

Whether you know it or not, you have probably watched South African stunt woman Olivia Jackson in the cinema or on tv. She doubled for Karen Gillian in Guardians of the Galaxy, drove trucks in Mad Max, and well there is also the matter of Resident Evil.

Olivia got to tell her story on BBC 1's The One Show last night. I can’t find a clip on YouTube, but if you can view the segment on the show’s website do so. It is an inspirational tale and all good strength to her.


A keen motor cross rider and martial artist, Olivia was performing what should have been a straight-forward motorcycle stunt, standing in for Milia Jojovich on Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. She was riding directly at a camera which should have lifted away as she drew close. Except it didn’t!

Olivia collided with the camera and suffered injuries that led to the amputation of her arm. However, she has been reclaiming her life, competing in martial tournaments.

Check it out!

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