You didn’t think I was going to go with the obvious Defiance 90210 headline, did you? On this week’s episode of Defiance Nolan prepares the town for the impending Votanis Collective assault, Berlin makes a decision and there’s plenty of Tarr drama. Spoilers ahead.

Amanda convenes a tribunal that unanimously votes to convict Datak Tarr and sentences him to death by hanging. It looked like each of the races in Defiance was represented but with two Castithans and three humans voting (to be fair Amanda and Nolan were probably representing their offices so Berlin may have been the only human vote)). It looks like Yewll got a pass or at least Nolan and Amanda chose to believe whatever version of truth Yewll spun to explain helping Datak. Yewll being Yewll still voted to convict since as she says she still has to live in Defiance.

Conrad Von Bach, black sheep of the arms maker family, arrives in town with a great high tech Western look. (Even though I wouldn’t get much use out of it here in Southern California I want that duster. I wouldn’t mind having that hat either.) Conrad brings weapons to Defiance and offers them for free as a grand gesture to win back his old girlfriend Jessica Rainer aka Berlin. It turns out Conrad’s mother orchestrated their break-up.


Now that they have weapons Nolan and Berlin start training a militia. But some Votan townspeople are questioning why the Amazing Goddess of the Badlands isn’t out training with them. They say Nolan isn’t putting as much skin in the game as those sending their children to fight since Irisa isn’t there.

Stahma is still hiding out with the Omec. Kindzi is openly jealous of her since her father seems to be genuinely fond of Stahma. We rarely see Stahma genuinely scared but she knows she’s in real danger when she’s alone with Kindzi. Only the timely return of T’evgin saves Stahma from being a meal.


Datak requests to executed Castithan style rather than a quick and clean hanging. Amanda has no problem with a slow painful death for Datak and grants the request.

Amanda and her braid aren’t done for the night because Berlin is waiting in her office to see her. Conrad has asked Berlin to leave Defiance with him. Amanda’s braid has no time for Berlin’s childhood sob story and she calls Berlin a coward for choosing to leave town now when she’s needed.


Irisa and her new hairstyle show up to help the militia. But she still hasn’t worked past her issues and hallucinates shooting Tommy while on the firing range. While Amanda leads irisa away Nolan uses the incident for a rallying speech about the strong defending the weak. Berlin listens to Nolan’s speech but still heads off with Conrad Von Bach.


Datak is brought out to to his public Shaming and execution. Though Alak previously refused to let Datak see his grandson, Alak brings Luke to the rite and actually speaks some wise words to his son as Datak gets to see Luke for perhaps the last time. Since Datak isn’t shown dead yet I figure there’s some way he gets out the execution.

Rahm Tak may be crazy but he’s not stupid. His forces have tunneled under the stasis nets into Defiance and his Indogene henchman is disguised as a human presumably for an infiltration mission. Maybe he’s the one who frees Datak.


Stahma is still afraid to be alone with Kindzi and for good reason. This time, Kindzi forces Stahma to swallow something (Omec drone I think). Stahma (or a projection of her) than appears on the Omec ship in orbit.

Assorted thoughts:

  • I think this season and this episode had much more of a Western feel than last season. Now where is the town drunk who is secretly an experienced gunslinger ark hunter?
  • Does anyone doubt Berlin will have a change of heart and show up at a critical point in the battle for Defiance?
  • Alak, why are you making me like you?