On this week’s episode of Defiance we have several confrontations involving almost every character at some point, Rahm Tak makes his move and a sacrifice is made to save the town. Also Datak’s father looks very familiar. Spoilers ahead.

“My Name Is Datak Tarr and I Have Come to Kill You” starts with a young Datak uttering that line as he plays with his father’s charge blade. His father chastises him then we jump back to Defiance where Datka is still on the shaming rack being observed by Rahm Tak’s Indogene infiltrator in his guise as Almost Ruggedly Handsome Guy (ARHG) and other Tak loyalists.

The first part of Tak’s plan is a hostile takeover of the NeedWant. Tak’s infiltrators take the humans there hostage, including Nolan and Amanda. Tak’s hologram makes an offer too good to be true - safe passage for all the humans out of town if Amanda surrenders. Amanda’s braid doesn’t buy Tak’s offer for a second. The whole thing is a ruse so that ARHG can save the day and get into Nolan’s good graces.

Nolan mobilizes the militia, now including ARHG, to search the town for more infiltrators and to find out how they got past the stasis nets. T’evgin is visiting the Castithan House of Pancakes when shooting starts. He decides meat is back on the menu and tears into the throat of an infiltrator. However T’evgin says it isn’t his fight when Nolan tries to enlist his help.


Stahma wanders through the Omec ship and discovers the other Omec waiting to be revived. Kindzi’s plan is for Stahma to know too much for T’evgin to allow to live. But T’evgin is having second thoughts about conquering Earth (those must be some damned good pancakes). Stahma sees a chance to play her devious ways but T’evgin isn’t easily manipulated. Things are tense all the way around in the Omec cave.

It turns out the infiltrator T’evgin killed was another necessary death to advance Tak’s plan since he was carrying a map that showed the infiltrators used a tunnel. Nolan does what Tak expected and plans a raid on Tak’s camp using the tunnel. ARHG does his part by killing off the best militia fighters in the tunnel and almost killing Nolan, Irisa and Alak. The only thing that saves those three is Irisa overcoming her issue with killing (at least temporarily) and getting extra stabby on ARHG.


Okay, I have some issues with Rahm Tak’s plan. Taking out the militia was good but the stasis net was still up. Instead of an over-elaborate plan that relied on Nolan doing exactly what he did (what if Amanda had prevailed and they blew up the tunnel instead?) how about sending through a strike force while you still have the element of surprise? Tak could have found out from the Tarrs where the controls/power generator/machinery for the stasis net was located and taken that out instead to allow his vehicles and heavy weapons to roll in to support the forces coming through the tunnel. I’m sure there are other options but that was the first alternate plan I thought of.

Yewll reminds Nolan and Amanda that she is a mad scientist with her idea to take out Tak’s army with a high tech suicide bomber. Alak points out his father is the best choice for the heroic sacrifice.


Datak agrees, of course. He gets into Tak’s camp with no difficulty but the trick is to stay long enough for the stasis net trick to work. As a proof of loyalty to Tak, Datak gets his charge blade back and cuts off his left arm (the one with the targeting device embedded). Datak gets far enough away to survive the blast and it’s time to turn out the lights on Rahm Tak’s rogue assault on Defiance.


Assorted thoughts:

  • “And you get a sticker that says ‘Teacher’s Pet.’ See me after class.” Amanda’s braid is still magic.
  • The actual end of Rahm Tak and his army seemed a bit anticlimactic after the build-up over the season. I get that a big battle scene is probably too much for the budget (and hopefully it’s better spent on the Omec story) but that last minute bomb plan out of nowhere was kind of weak.
  • If Datak returns to town will Amanda still honor the pardon since he isn’t dead? Is he going to get some sort of Imperator Furiosa style cybernetic arm? (There is a mad doctor in town who could probably make one.)
  • Whatever happened to Samir the veterinarian?