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On this week’s episode of Defiance we see how tough Kindzi is and how easily a tough situation is resolved. Also someone gets a groupie and of course we have to check in with the Tarrs. Spoilers ahead.

Yewll is still collecting people for Omec Dread Harvest. If only there was some way to remove that control stem. I’m sure it will involve some risky procedure requiring special skills with a good chance of killing Yewll.


Meanwhile Nolan and Irisa are back to their Lawkeeper duties (even though the Votanis Collective would be very interested to know they’re still alive) and looking for Kindzi. Stahma asks them to look for the missing Datak and finds out T’evgin is dead, which means Kindzi will be coming after her soon. Stahma also drops the news that there are thousands of Omec on their ship.

Nolan and Irisa find Kindzi along with a couple of her lieutenants and Yewll. Nolan shoots Kindzi with a sniper rifle but she has gained T’evgin’s invulnerability after eating his heart (so that act was more than just ceremonial). Conveniently Amanda has been reading up on the Omec and explains why Kindzi is now so tough. Also the disappearance of townspeople and the connection to Yewll comes to light.

Datak and Samir have a pleasant chat in their adjacent cages (“Do you suppose faith will keep me from pissing into your cage?”). Samir is convinced his hero Nolan will save him.

Amanda blames herself for the current Omec situation because she made the deal with T’evgin (Stahma blames Amanda too). Nolan gives her a pep talk and a kiss to cheer her up.


Datak convinces Yewll to take him as the next meal for the Omec. Datak as usual has an angle to play. In this case he uses a spike built into his new arm to go Wolverine on one of the Omec and make his escape.

When Yewll drives off with the wounded Omec she is stopped by Amanda and Nolan. Amanda notices the top of the control stem in Yewll’s neck and pulls the stem out as easily as removing a USB flash drive. Okay, Yewll’s geas would prevent her from pulling it out or telling someone else to do it but it still seemed way too easy a resolution. Yewll then empties a pistol into the wounded Omec in the back of her roller. She’s definitely not an Omec puppet anymore.


Samir is going to next on the Omec menu but is saved at the last minute by his hero Nolan (along with Amanda, Irisa, Berlin and Yewll but Nolan is the one he idolizes).


Andina brings Stahma to the McCawley house where Alak and Luke are staying. Alak figures Stahma is using the threat as an opportunity to get her way and unloads a lot of pent-up stuff from his past on her. Stahma leaves alone and Andina makes her move. Alak understandably isn’t over Christie yet but Andina says she is patient. Of course this isn’t going to end well.

A battered Stahma returns to the McCawley house with Kindzi right behind her. Kindzi kills Andina (but of course not Alak or Stahma) and grabs Luke. It looks like Kindzi wants to try the other, other white meat.

  • How many other convenient features are hidden in Datak’s bio-mechanical arm?
  • Kindzi’s plan has several flaws. As Datak pointed out the Omec are too few in numbers to conquer and control Earth. The Omec don’t seem to be too difficult to kill aside from the alpha Omec (remember Kindzi almost died after Amanda shot her). The big problem is Kindzi’s lie to her people about how T’evgin died. Things probably won’t go so well for her when they find out. Will that somehow connect with Irisa’s desire to end the war without all the killing?

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