On this week’s episode of Defiance Nolan has had his fill of aliens and takes matters into his own hands. Meanwhile Amanda has coffee with an alien and we learn about the fate of Australia from another alien. Yeah, there are a lot of aliens in this episode. Spoilers ahead.

Last time I mentioned that I was expecting the “X hours earlier” gimmick to be used at the start of that episode. Instead they held off and deployed it at the start of this one. I suppose the writers had their reasons but it didn’t really serve any useful purpose. As soon as the Votanis Collective Vice Chancellor shows up it’s an easy guess that something bad will happen to her even without the foreshadowing but now we know right off the bat that Nolan will be responsible. The opening wasn’t even a misdirection to make us think it was Nolan when it was really someone else.


Anyway, we go back to a drunken Nolan in the NeedWant having a Stephen King moment with his hallucinatory Butcher of Yosemite version who is pushing a xenophobic worldview before Amanda and Irisa collect him up to help greet the Votanis Collective delegation arriving in town.

T’evgin tells Stahma of his plan to settle the Omec on the uninhabited island of Australia and asks her to come with him. T’evgin gets totally blocked when a very much alive Datak steps out of one of the Collective vehicles.

Nolan and Amanda’s braid are suspicious of Vice Chancellor Voske’s explanation that Rahm Tak’s campaign was a rogue operation and not thrilled that Datak is back with a new (and expensive) bio-mechanical arm. It looks no one from Defiance actually went and checked out Rahm Tak’s destroyed camp since the Collective found him apparently where we saw him fall when Rahm’s camp was taken out.


Voske offers a generous deal to Amanda in exchange for arranging a setdown with T’evgin. Amanda engages in aggressive diplomacy that convinces Stahma to invite T’evgin to a reception with the Collective.

Irisa is a little freaked out when she realizes Nolan is hallucinating and goes to see Doctor Yewll. The Doctor hypothesizes that it may be a side effect from the arktech still in his head. Yewll is a little distracted since she has her own alien head tech to deal with. As I guessed Yewll is able to free Kindzi from stasis.


Nolan and Butcher Nolan are sure Voske plans to kill T’evgin and seize his ship by force. He follows up on his suspicion as the reception gets underway and apparently finds bomb components. Kindzi crashes the party with Yewll in tow with the intent of feeding on the party guests. Nolan interrupts the party with his evidence which turns out to be hallucinatory. He also imagines a pistol in Voske’s hand and shoots her. (“I’ve just been upstaged” says a disappointed Kindzi.) Irisa gets Nolan to leave and we’re caught up to the start of the episode.

Nolan is ready to have a Butch and Sundance moment (I hope I don’t need to explain that reference) when Irisa injects him with the stuff Yewll gave her earlier.


Kindzi turns the tables on her father and sends him up to the Omec ship in stasis.


Amanda doesn’t want to turn Nolan over to the Votanis Collective but as mayor she has to if she wants to prevent war. Irisa has to go with him because of the arktech in their heads. Amanda gives Irisa money and tells her to bust Nolan out in Brazil and run away with him. Maybe they will finally get to Antarctica.

Assorted thoughts:

  • Did Nolan actually get any treatment for the cause of his hallucinations? (I don’t think so) Can we expect Butcher Nolan to show up again, probably at a really inappropriate time?
  • “It’s okay when I say it.” Draw your own conclusions on the use of haint as a derogatory term for Castithans.
  • While sharing coffee with Amanda, Voske reveals she is the daughter of the Castithan whose murder sparked the Pale War. As Datak points out Voske’s death can be used by Collective hardliners to push for war (especially if Nolan escapes) but what about her father’s death? Was he actually killed by a human or a disguised Indogene as part of a Votanis plot to start a war? Interesting trivia question or will that come into play later?
  • Amanda is honoring the Tarrs’ pardon but the braid still wants them dead. Even with Nolan and Irisa gone there’s plenty of drama left in town. Is random Deputy who I can’t even name the acting Lawkeeper?
  • When do we find out Samir’s fate? If he’s dead what will the dramatic reveal be like? Is he the character death being teased?