This week’s episode of Defiance involved literal and figurative headaches for many of the characters. Plus an old face reappears and Stahma shows why she’s the brains of the family. Spoilers ahead.

Being a DJ in Defiance is a surprisingly dangerous job. Alak is a warlord’s prisoner (though Tak shares his fondness for vinyl records and human music so there’s that), Treasure Doll got pushed from the top of the Arch and the latest DJ was blowed up real good along with the Arch. I hope they keep that image of the destroyed Arch for the opening credits.

General Tak adds to Amanda’s headache by doing some holographic gloating that lets the townspeople know that their weapons stockpile has been destroyed. Fortunately Nolan has located a possible weapons cache so he and Amanda head out and leave Berlin and Irisa to investigate the Arch bombing.


Nolan and Amanda are captured by Biomen who take them to the sole occupant of Station Arrowhead, Niles Pottinger. I was never a big fan of Amanda’s rape story and figured we were done with it when the E-Rep left Defiance. But at least the writers gave the story a definite conclusion and there were consequences. Amanda may have closure but her headache as mayor is still going strong since the town still has no serious weaponry.

The Tarrs are tasked by Tak to kill the Omec hanging around Defiance. Stahma’s plan involves sexing the Omec (of course). It’s a good that the aliens are physically similar to humans so we could tell what was going on. (I understand the real world reasons for it but it took me completely out of the scene.) Stahma’s headache is that the Omec turns out to be immune to her choice of poison.


Stahma is clever enough to realize telling T’evgin the truth is the best option. I’m not sure what she’s planning for her next move but she may be temporarily allying herself with the Omec. After all, he did make pancakes.


Meanwhile Irisa and Berlin hug it out and inspire some new fan fiction. Okay, that first part isn’t true. After Irisa finds Tommy’s badge she tries to talk nice to Berlin but Berlin isn’t having it (“You don’t kill what you love!”). Irisa is struck by a strong headache and runs outside.

After Nolan gives Amanda a little pep talk he falls to the ground, struck by a crippling headache and seizure, apparently an aftereffect of the alien devices attached to his and Irisa’s heads for the last few months.


Berlin follows Irisa outside, looks at her writhing on the ground in a seizure similar to Nolan’s then walks away. Yeah, that’s kind of cold but given Berlin’s feelings about Irisa and the fact Irisa a moment before was holding a knife to her throat it’s understandable.

Assorted thoughts:

  • Samir the veterinarian will be a useful addition to the town, assuming he survives for long.
  • The biomen were named John, Paul, George and Ringo. People (at least Castithans) are listening to Buddy Rich so it’s reasonable for people to still know who the Beatles are.
  • I’ll double down on what I wrote last week about the Tarrs. As bad as destroying the weapons stockpile was, I don’t see Amanda and Nolan (or just about anyone in Defiance) willing to forgive the Tarrs if it comes out that they were behind the Arch bombing.