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On Face Off It’s Gatekeepers and What They’re Guarding

On this week’s Face Off the contestants must create not only guardians for a variety of gates but also the creatures behind those gates. This time there is a wide range of quality between the Top and Bottom Looks. Who will know what it is to be roasted in the depths of the Slor? Spoilers ahead.


This week we have a Foundation Challenge to start things off. Each contestant had an image of a Rorschach inkblot to base a design from. Meg wins the challenge for her mermaid vision and has immunity for this week’s Spotlight Challenge.

As mentioned above, the spotlight Challenge this week is to create both a gatekeeper and prisoner. The twelve contestants draw keys to randomly assign them gates and partners. I liked the two safe looks (Scott and Kevon’s is the top image) as well as the Top Looks.

Nora and Jasmine worked well together and it paid off when they made Top Looks. Jasmine knows her biggest strength is painting and designed her gatekeeper to take advantage of that. Nora is no fool and picked up tips that will probably help her later on. The judges liked both designs (Brenda and Jose) and either one could have won.


Ben and Jordan also made a good team. Ben made a last minute addition to his gatekeeper’s helmet that tied it in with the prisoner’s horns. Being able to do that sort of last minute change is something that can make a difference later in the season. The judges note that Jordan has put in a lot of work on his creature so not only are Ben and Jordan the winning team but Jordan wins the challenge.


Jason and Ricky get off to a slow start and are behind at the end of the first day. There are issues with the mold taking too long to set. It affects everyone but since Jason and Ricky are already behind on time it hits them the hardest. Jason doesn’t even have his gatekeeper painted when he gets to the one hour Last Looks and is scrambling to make the creature presentable. I can’t top Ve’s description: “It looked like a teenaged girl lizard going to a rave.”


Libby is teamed up with Meg. Both of them have spent a lot of time in Bottom Looks so Libby isn’t feeling too confident especially since her partner has immunity (though I think Meg had the least bad work of the four contestants in the bottom and wouldn’t have been eliminated anyway). Libby tries to do a creature though she’s not strong on the anatomy. That and a lackluster paint job send Libby home.


You can see galleries of this week’s designs, the contestants’ previous work and previous seasons here.

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