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On Face Off Who Will Survive The Gauntlet?

This week’s episode of Face Off brings another new twist. This time the nine remaining contestants must complete a gauntlet of three separate challenges with their cumulative scores determining the winner and the one to be eliminated. Results ahead.


The Gauntlet takes place over two days. The first two stages on the first day are essentially Foundation Challenges with the two hour time limit for each. The judges make a rare appearance together in the lab to score the first two challenges. For the third challenge the contestants get four hours plus an hour of last looks before the designs are presented on stage to the judges.

Stage 1

Stage 1 has a theme of Man versus Nature. The challenge is to show weather injuries like frostbite and sunburn. Nora (left) wins Stage 1 for her frostbite victim while Kevon (right) is the lowest ranked.

Stage 2


Stage 2 focuses on painting over already applied prosthetics. Kevon (left) steps up his game and wins Stage 2. Evan (right) is the lowest ranked for this stage. He and Stevie are tied for last place overall.

Stage 3


Stage 3 starts ominously with McKenzie and over two dozen models waiting in the lab for the contestants at the start of the second day. The challenge is to create a hero character with two background characters based on one of three themes chosen at random - Goblins, Angels or Witches/Warlocks. Evan and Stevie both step up their game. Evan’s Angels (top image) and Stevie’s Pimp Goblin and Ho-blins (above) make Top Looks and Even wins Stage 3.


Nora, the other Top Look for Stage 3 for her Goblins, is the overall winner of the Gauntlet.

The judges (and Meg) note that Meg’s paint job is too similar to what she’s done in the past. Also one of her background characters is better painted than the hero character. She is back in Bottom Looks.


Jasmine’s metallic paint overpowers the look of her hero and she’s also a Bottom Look for Stage 3 along with Jordan.


Though Stevie was a Top Look in Stage 3 she’s still one of the bottom three scores along with Meg and Jasmine. Jasmine ends up in last place overall and is sent home.

The Gauntlet was an interesting challenge. Since the contestants know their relative ranking after each stage it can spur the lower ranked ones to do better as happened. On the other hand Nora, Ben and Jordan had been doing consistently well and when Nora made Top Looks in Stage 3 while Ben was safe and Jordan was a Bottom Look it was a good guess that Nora would win overall. Stevie may have been in the bottom two for the first two stages but after her showing in Stage 3 I doubted she would be eliminated. But the Gauntlet was a good change of pace that I think should be used once a season.


You can see galleries of this week’s designs, the contestants’ previous work and previous seasons here.

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