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On Face Off You Got Horror In My Literature

This week’s Face Off features the first individual challenge of the season as the contestants must create a character based on a classic work of literature mashed up with horror. And there’s another twist. Plus there’s that little question of the cliffhanger from last week. Spoilers ahead.

Let’s finish up last week’s business with the elimination of Missy. I don’t think that was much of a surprise. Missy has potential but she’s only twenty and lacks the experience of some of the other contestants.


On to this week’s challenge which introduces something new - the Focus Challenge. The idea is to focus on one specific aspect. This week the focus is the face of their creations, which as I noted before are mashups of classic literature and horror. Since the contestants don’t need to be concerned about making cowls and chest pieces or fabricating parts they have one less day to work with.

I thought editing down one and a half days instead of the usual two and a half gave us a little better look at what each contestant was doing. Of course you still won’t get a good look at everyone’s work but I was tracking better on each contestant than I usually would with that many individual designs.

This week Season 7 judge Lois Burwell returns as a guest judge bringing that certain something that only a British accent can add.


I expected Stevie (left) and Scott (middle) to make the Top Looks. I wasn’t as sold on Jasmine’s concept (right) but she is good at the technical side so I understand her being there. The judges were impressed by how much Scott accomplished and the whole look of his design. He wins the challenge.


This doesn’t always happen but I agree with all the Bottom Looks. Jason (left) needs to take a short break while sculpting because his idea is really not coming together for him. He doesn’t really overcome this and is in the Bottom Looks. Meg (middle) and Brittany (right) both know how bad their designs turned out and also make Bottom Looks. Brittany tries for both old age and burns in her design. Both are things that get judged harshly if not done well (as Michael Westmore advises her). Brittany can’t make it work and is sent home.

  • It’s really too early to pick finalists but I would say two contestants in the Top Looks this week have a shot. Stevie is doing much better after being in the Bottom Looks in the first week but I don’t expect her to go the distance. But I think Jason and Jasmine have the chops to make it.
  • I don’t know how well the Focus Challenge will work with a different focus (the face is usually the most important part of a make-up) but I think the challenge worked well this week and want to see the Focus Challenge used again.
  • I don’t know how long Meg will last but she does do good faces.

You can see galleries of this week’s designs, the contestants’ previous work and previous seasons here.

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