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On Haven almost everyone wants to make a sacrifice

Haven's mid season finale "Chosen" did what it needed to do - resolve some things and set up the rest of the season. Sacrifices are made and Dave shows up to advance the other story that had been sidelined for the last several episodes. Spoilers ahead.

"She's not her, Dove. She's you."


Charlotte is indeed responsible for the Barn and the personas imposed upon Mara. She's in Haven to fix the problems Mara has caused. She doesn't see Audrey the same as Mara and even calls her a copy.

So when Charlotte's proposes to rejoin Mara and Audrey into one person it doesn't sound very good for Audrey since only one personality will remain. Since Audrey is Audrey she is willing to make the sacrifice to save the town. For a moment I thought Nathan was going to screw things up like he's done before but for once he puts the greater good ahead of his creepy obsession.

But Mara is in full mustache twirling mode and even her mother says nope to that. So the joining ends with Charlotte sacrificing Mara so that Audrey remains and Mara is gone, apparently for good. Too bad Charlotte didn't think through what would happen to Duke because...

"I've turned Duke Crocker into something...awesome."


I joked about it last week but Duke really is a Troublemaker now, or at least a Troublebomb. When he realizes what's happened to him Duke is set to make his own sacrifice. He intends to kill Mara and go through the North Carolina thinny into the void. If he releases his bottled up Troubles there they won't affect anyone else.

But since Mara set up a deadman's switch when she was effectively killed by Charlotte the Troublebomb was triggered. So the episode ends with Duke spewing Troubles all over Haven. That can't be good.


"It's a wonder we're not all drunks in this town."


Did you forget about Dave and his visions? He hasn't been around for a few episodes so it's understandable.

Dave has another vision but this time he and Vince track down the site of the vision to some woods outside of town. And the word Croatoan was written recently. So who wrote it and just what do Dave's visions mean?


At least the Teagues brothers are outside of Haven when the Troublebomb goes off.

Assorted thoughts:

  • There was a Trouble of the Week but it seemed to be there mainly to show how much Audrey cares about the town.
  • To turn Charlotte's analogy around, is Mara still there as a drop of black paint in Audrey's can of white paint?
  • Since Audrey is the one remaining does she have all ten toes?
  • William Shatner has signed on for some episodes in the back half of the season so I'm guessing he will turn out to be Mara's father as well as a William Bell type figure from Mara's home world (if you've read the Amber books I'm really thinking he will be like Oberon). Presumably that also makes him Charlotte's husband which will make things even more awkward for Dwight. I'm really hoping for a throw down with Shatner's Kirk-fu versus Adam Copeland's wrestling moves.

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