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On Haven there’s “Much Ado About Mara” but what about Dave?

On this week's Haven Mara is still in full over-the-top villain mode as she tackles Nathan, Duke and Dwight. But the real story is what's happening with Dave and Vince. Spoilers ahead.

The A-plot in this episode is Mara versus the Guard, Duke and Nathan. She releases one of the Troubles bottled up in Duke that causes him to speak gibberish until he faces the cause of it. Since Audrey gave him a hint Duke is now sure she's inside Mara.


Mara apparently heals Jody, the woman with the Trouble from last week, but she's just messing with everyone. Instead of healing her, Mara has made Jody's Trouble invisible. Dwight shows he's more than a Sasquatch (Mara's pet name for him) by figuring out that microwaves are now the problem. Duke finds Jody and talks her out of her Trouble.

Dwight finally accepts that Audrey is trapped inside Mara and together with Nathan and Duke draw her out. It's only temporary but it's enough to find out that Mara can't cure Troubles but that Audrey can access some of Mara's memories.

Mara takes over again and vows to kill what's left of Audrey.

Now the three amigos are all aboard the Save Audrey train. So by the midseason finale she should be back with most or all of Mara's memories so she can better at fixing Troubles.


Meanwhile Dave has been released from the hospital. He and Vince do their usual banter and it turns out Vince thinks Dave is blocking some stuff about in the other dimension. So he brings in a therapist for some hypnosis.


Something blocks the memories of both Dave and the therapist about the session. But when the therapist checks her notes, the word Croatoan is written there.


Hurrah! Now we have something new and probably dangerous on the loose in Haven. And it will probably be up to Dave and Vince to deal with it for now since everyone else is busy with the Mara problem.

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