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On Haven, what the hell just happened?

Most of "The Old Switcheroo, Part 2" is a pretty straightforward Trouble resolution. But towards the end we get some off the wall stuff including one big thing that I did not see coming. Spoilers ahead.


The body switching Trouble was caused by some family drama between two brothers and the woman they both loved. Getting the brothers together to fix things is complicated by two things. First, they're in two different states so Dave and Vince drive one up to Haven. Second, Mara takes advantage of the Nathan/Duke swap to get away from them and kidnap the other brother.

Apparently Mara isn't totally immune to the Troubles even though Audrey and the rest of the personalities in the body were. (Okay, whatever. I'll roll with it for now.) So Mara wants Nathan to stay in Duke's body to prevent him from releasing a Trouble that may hurt her.

The other brother gets to Haven, Mara is recaptured and the two original swapped brothers hug it out. Everyone goes back to their original bodies.


While still in Dave's body Vince has a vision and the word "Croatoan" appears again. Between this and Dave's body being drawn to the thinny it seems the other dimension stuff is tied to Dave's body, not his consciousness.

The secret in Cincinnati that caused Dwight and Gloria to switch was about Dwight's sister (I don't remember her even being mentioned before) having her Trouble activated. It really felt more like a flimsy justification for writers to switch Gloria and Dwight than anything else.


The big surprise at the end was after released a Trouble that was intended to draw out Audrey as well as relieve the pressure building up in him. The plan sort of worked. Mara was stil there but in the corner of the room emerged Audrey. WTF?!

  • At this point is there any reason to keep Mara around? Duke can handle his Trouble pressure cooker issue on his own and he's killed for the greater good before. The Guard certainly is going to want her dead. Maybe she knows something that will help Dave but since she's so manipulative nothing she says can be trusted.
  • Will Audrey have Mara's memories or is it just plain old Parker?
  • What's the deal with Dave, the Colorado Kid and the missing time?
  • For a guy who seemingly died a couple of seasons ago Agent Howard is still a major presence on the show.

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