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Also, Oliver Queen mopes for 15 years. Join me for this recap of Legends of Tomorrow 1x06: Star City 2046. Spoilers, obv.

The episode picks up right where the last one left us. With our heroes staring down a Green Arrow that is not the Green Arrow. They get into a fight and they retreat to the ship, where they decide they need to fix it and GTFO.


But it’s obviously not that simple. Ray, Jax, Dr. Stein and Kendra have to stay on the ship to fix things while Rip, Snart and Mick go get a new component they need. Sara pulls out a jacket from the superhero room of requirement and decides to join them, against Rip’s advice. Sometimes knowing the (possible) future you might inadvertently end up causing it It’s timey-wimey. Anyway, she has to threaten to kick his ass in order for him to agree. (I love that Rip backs down every damn time someone threatens him with bodily harm.)

The moment they step off the ship they end up in the middle of a fight between thugs and Green Arrow. He gets in trouble and Sara runs off after him to help and Rip follows her. Left to their own devices, Snart and Rory obviously decide to break into a bank. But before they even get there they get ambushed by a gang. Rory rapidly dispatches their leader, appropriates his fur coat, and goes all Thunderdome to Snart’s very unsubtle eyerolls.

Speaking of unsubtle, after Jax reveals he has a crush on Kendra, Dr. Stein tries to play shipper on board and find out what Ray’s intentions towards her are - as they sounded very flirty while working together. Which ends up making Ray think of of her in-that-way when he hadn’t before. And, because he’s not done playing matchmaker, Stein then tells Jax to be confident with Kendra (he only manages to be annoyingly boastful), in spite of his new “competition.” Nobody bothers to ask Kendra how she feels about all this, because of course not.

Meanwhile, Rip and Sara find Green Arrow, but Deathstroke and his goons find them. Sara tries to reminisce, but it’s not Slade under the mask this time: it’s his son, Grant (who looks waaay too young since he was five ~8 years ago). They narrowly escape, and the new Green Arrow - who is actually Dig’s son but goes by Connor Hawke because he is not worthy or something (must have spent too much time around uncle Ollie) - tells them about the fall of Star City, some 15 years ago. The city was apparently been evacuated after the “rising” of Deathstroke and his goons. Which raises the question of why the hell he’s still there. A city is its people more than its buildings. Also, why would there still be a bank in an abandoned city?


While they search for the component they need, they stumble upon previously presumed dead Old Man Oliver at the very run down Arrow lair. Apparently he’s been living there alone for the past 15 years, broody and missing his left arm. He tells them where to find the part they need and to get off his lawn.

They find the component (with a perfectly timed entrance by Snart & Rory), but John is captured by Slade’s goons. Mick decides he’d like to stay and make his empire in this lawless not-city, but Snart disagrees, knocks him out cold and drags him back to the ship.


Sara insists on going back help John. Rip vehemently disagrees because this is only a potential future that will never happen and because it would further screw up the timeline. Sara calls him out on his shit and brings up his family. Rip doesn’t take it well but Dr. Stein and Jax back her up, so she gets and hour to rescue John or she gets left behind.

Snart and Rory are also working out their issues. Mick accuses Leonard of lying and turning to the hero side. Leonard agrees, but points out he’s the brains of their operation and that leaving him behind would be a bad idea. Mick vehemently disagrees.


Sara recruits Oliver to help her out with the rescue “because this city will always need a Green Arrow.” Even though it’s not really a city anymore. He actually takes her up on it and makes ample use of his Star Labs branded robot arm (though it would have been more interesting if it were Smoak Technologies instead).


Dr. Stein, previous episode lessons learned, points out that there’s no point in beating savage id they become as imoral as he is. So cavalry shows up for the final confrontation, and Deathstroke is easily defeated. Though I’m not sure what they’re gonna do with him, since there doesn’t seem to be a police force anymore. Or people, besides the various gangs. But the two Green Arrows promise to keep up the crime fighting. I have no idea why.


Back on the ship, Ray actually asks Kendra out, and she says no thanks, my life is crazy enough and Cisco is waiting for me back in 2016. Because this was a romantic comedy plotline, Jax overhears everything and he and Ray bond over this experience: “but she would have chosen me.” No. No she wouldn’t have. Because she said she’s not interested. Ugh. If I never see this plotline again it’ll be too soon. Mick on the other hand has his own decisions about future partners to make and tells Ray that he doesn’t know who his people are anymore.


I like this show. I really really do. But their plots are a mess generally, which is a because the cast is fine and the characters are interesting. I especially like the development Sara and Snart are getting (and tehy have great chemistry onscreen together - as to Ray and Mick). And I’m glad they’re giving Mick something to do beside being the muscle. His break from Leonard should be very interesting to watch. I like that Rip is a bit of a selfish ass who needs to learn to work in team after spending so long in an organisation that promotes isolation. The scene with Sara confronting Rip was fantastic to watch. So was everything with Captain Cold and Heat Wave.


And you gotta love that every time these heroes get into trouble, it’s their own damn fault.

Looks like next week’s gonna be all Objects in Space:

Misc notes:

  • I really hate it when they have Sara’s hair all slicked back. It looks terrible. The colour of her suit is also too “dirty”.
  • Everything in the Arrow cave still worked after 15 years? And Oliver’s been living there alone for that long?
  • I need more snarky Gideon.
  • And I wanted to keep this short & fun. Bah.

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