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On the Holidays

There’s enormous pressure over the holidays to feel warmth, affection and joy. A great deal of bitterness can result if you don’t... as if there’s something wrong with you. I’m here to tell you that’s okay.

Not the bitterness. Bitterness stinks. I’m saying it’s okay to feel something other than warmth, affection or joy on December 25th if you’re so inclined. People feel all sorts of things around the holidays, for any number of reasons. It can be an exceptionally hard day for us.


It is okay if you feel this way. You are far from alone. Whatever you’re feeling. Just let it flow.

For my own self, I’ll be spending the day with my oldest friend, reflecting on the best year to date in my freelancing career. (Being a workaholic has its perks.) Focusing on gratitude is an essential tool for me. Dwelling on negatives, comparisons and contrasts can make for a miserable holiday.

So take heart. People understand what you’re going through. They want to understand. 2017 has largely been a steaming garbage parade, but we’re going into 2018 together.

You got this.

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