So, one of my friends posted a picture on Facebook that included herself, but she didn't tag herself. When it shows up in my news feed, Facebook asked me if I wanted to tag her for her.

Now, first of all, No. If she wants to be tagged in her selfie, she can do that herself.

Secondly, hey, that thumbnail isn't her profile picture it's... Oh my God. It's her face from the picture. I mean, I knew Facebook had the same kinda facial recognition going on that cameras do, where it can highlight what it's pretty sure is a face, but I hadn't noticed that it could identify those faces. Thank God it's got all the interference of memes and my own art before it can identify me, though I'll have to be careful if I post any pictures of dinosaurs or this kid:

And thirdly, sorry, no screenshots because it's someone else on Facebook. You'll just have to take my word for it that the robot uprising is coming, and it's going to be inviting us to play MafiaWars...